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accessing via PHP: demo


returns: 3b9rn6


returns: google


4:30pm april 11, 2009: 100,000 have hits passed through our system to your long urls.

10:00pm april 10, 2009: added optional third party ad support for those of you that wish to help keep us going!

12:00am april 4, 2009: 1,067 urls, 13,770 url views in our first 24 hours online! thank you!

11:00am april 3, 2009: @vieurl twitter profile registered.

12:00am april 3, 2009: live public beta test.

10:55pm april 2, 2009: custom token alias option added.

8:28pm april 2, 2009: basic web form error system.

6:42pm april 2, 2009: token based traffic logged.

6:29pm april 2, 2009: token based redirect established.

5:56pm april 2, 2009: first tokens created and saved!

5:13pm april 2, 2009: site font changed.

10:27am april 2, 2009: duplicate url entry check established.

9:54am april 2, 2009: database created and connected.

9:15am april 2, 2009: token generation.

6:14pm april 1, 2009: accessing via php added to developers panel.

5:40pm april 1, 2009: design tweaks.

12:35pm april 1, 2009: web form and api started.

10:40am april 1, 2009: simple web navigation in place.

12:00pm march 31, 2009: domain name configured. basic design started.

terms of use

vieurl was created as a free service to make posting and sharing long URLs easier, and may only be used for actual URLs.

using vieurl for spamming or illegal purposes is forbidden and any such use will result in the vieurl being disabled and you being reported to all ISPs involved and to the proper governmental agencies.

this service is provided without warranty of any kind.